Ohra Pampa

Our exclusive brand that unites tradition and innovation

Tradition and Innovation:

Reliable Selection

With over 35 years of experience in La Pampa and with the aim of repositioning Argentine meat in the local and international market, Frigorífico General Pico launches its new brand: Ohra Pampa Reliable Selection.

Born from a spirit of tradition and innovation, this pioneer brand honors the exuberance of livestock and the values of The Pampas, by means of an exclusive classification protocol, which guarantees a unique segmentation and standardization not seen before.

Ohra Pampa’s number one priority is to satisfy the most demanding customers, offering products of consistent quality to suit their preferences while complying with the most strict productive standards and an exclusive selection system.

Unique pieces of exquisite presentation, tenderness, flavor and juiciness, under a rigorous gastronomic evaluation system with "Gauchos Knives".

Available exclusively in premium butcher shops, On Line Store and chosen by the #1 restaurants and chefs in the country such as Fernando Trocca.

The innovative brand is also a pioneer in e-commerce and creators of the First Meat Club.

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The path of excellence

Ohra Pampa offers four selection lines according to customer needs and the use of the product.
Additionally, all lines are classified with an exclusive valuation system: the Gaucho knives.

Reliable selection of high quality products.

We supply the local and export market with specially selected high quality beef.